Boxing sessions cater for people of all ages and levels of fitness. The boxing workout improves every type of physical capacity: strength, power, coordination, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness and endurance.

Our coaches have many years of experience in boxing, martial arts and yoga.

All students wishing to participate in our boxing program must be members of Boxing NT (annual fee $41 (fitness) or $71 (competitive) for Adults; or $41 for Juniors).

Boxing NT
is the governing body for amateur boxing in the Northern Territory and is affiliated with Boxing Australia. They are responsible for all amateur boxing matters in the Northern Territory.

Boxing Training Session:

Monday - Coach: Donny Fuamatu
Juniors 6-10yrs   5:00 - 6:00pm
Seniors 6:00 - 7:00pm

Tuesday - Donny Fuamatu
Teens 11-15yrs 5:00 - 6:00pm
Seniors  6:00 - 7:00pm

Wednesday- Donny Fuamatu
Juniors 6-10yrs   5:00 - 6:00pm
Seniors  6:00 - 7:00pm

Thursday - Donny Fuamatu
Teens 11-15yrs  5:00 - 6:00pm
Seniors   6:00 - 7:00pm

Tuesday & Thursday - Coach Mark Nixon
Seniors   6:00 - 7:00am Fitness Boxing

Friday -  Coach Tony Patel
Seniors 5:30pm - 7:00pm