Yun's Taekwondo

Yun’s Taekwondo Academy Alice Springs - Taekwondo is a Traditional Korean Art of self Defence for Men, Women & Children

Taekwondo teaches the student - Self Defence, Discipline, Respect, Fitness, Confidence and Strong Mind & Body to all ages.


Grandmaster Chi Kwan YUN 9th Dan Black Belt (Instructing traditional Taekwondo since 1969 both in Australia and overseas. He is the President of Vanuatu Taekwondo; World Taekwondo Federation International Registered Member; on the Kukkiwon Technical Grading Panel; and was 2000 Sydney Olympics TKD Executive)

Deborah Malouf 4th Dan Black Belt…

Training SessionsLevelsTimes
Monday/Wednesday/Friday Juniors 5-12yrs 5 - 6:00pm
Monday/Wednesday/Friday Seniors 13yrs+ 6:15 - 7:30pm

To Participate, all students must also pay a Training Fee and an Annual fee to ‘Sports Taekwondo Australia Limited’ of $80.00