Update on Alice Springs Youth & Community Centre and Corona-19

Posted: 20 Mar 2020 4:04pm

To all parents and guardians,

We are sad to inform you all that the Alice Springs Youth and Community Centre will have to temporarily shut down all activities.

After reviewing the latest ‘COVID-19 Community Sport Guidelines’ the management – with the acknowledgment of the Centre’s Committee – has determined that there is too much risk to our elderly staff members with pre-existing medical conditions; and that we cannot fully comply with the disinfecting guidelines, due to a lack of sanitising hand rub dispensers and the inability to adequately sanitise the matted areas (such as the gymnasium, boxing gym and dojo) after each activity.

Hopefully we will be able to reopen at the beginning of Term 2 on the 20th of April. Any and all credits from Term 1 will be carried over to Term 2.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this may’ve caused.

Everyone please stay healthy, happy and safe!