Shared facilities and equipment provides a number of benefits to the Alice Springs Youth and Community Centre Inc and the community. It is important that the community perceives the Alice Springs Youth and Community Centre Inc as being an essential part of the community, and this is more likely to happen when Alice Springs Youth and Community Centre Inc makes its facilities and resources available. To the extent that if the facilities are not fully utilised for our activities they maybe made available for use by other persons or organisations.

Fees are charged for the hire of facilities and resources to cover the costs associated with their use, including power consumption, water, cleaning, insurance, administration, additional wear and tear and the use of specific items of equipment. As a minimum requirement, fees should at least meet the additional recurrent operating costs incurred through use of the facilities and resources. 

The user group undertakes to ensure that adequate public liability insurance and Licensees have been obtained for the activities and will also be responsible under the Agreement for the costs of repair or replacement of any equipment damaged or damage to buildings or fixtures.

Facilities available for hire:

  • Allan Page Skateway
  • Higgins Hall and kitchen/Stage and Dressing Rooms
  • Boxing shed fully equipped with Bags and matted surface, with an undercover external Boxing Ring
  • Martial Arts Dojo - Permanently Matted
  • The Agnes East gymnasium is permanently set up with a range of equipment including a competition mattered sprung floor, high bars, rings and circus aerial equipment